Am I A Candidate?

What Does It Treat?

Become Yourself Again

 Do you suffer from Vaginal:

» Dryness

» Irritation

» Itching

» Soreness

» Burning

Or Do You Have:

» Painful sex

» Frequent urge to urinate

» Sudden urge to urinate

» Recurrent urinary tract infections

» Urinary incontinence

» Lichen Sclerosus

You may have vulvovaginal atrophy or genitourinary syndrome of menopause.  This is a common condition associated with low estrogen levels.  It can occur anytime during a woman’s life, with a 50% prevalence during the postmenopausal period.  The MonaLisa Touch® Laser therapy is FDA approved revolutionary laser treatment that promotes vaginal and vulvar health.  Until now, options were limited:  messy estrogen creams or hormone replacement therapy, which isn’t for everyone.


Now there is a better way. 


Breast cancer survivors who are not candidates for hormonal replacement therapy are ideal patients for the MonaLisa Touch®.


Hormone replacement therapy may not be the best option for many patients as there are potential dangerous side effects.  The MonaLisa Touch® is a “ life-changing” alternative that has helped thousands of women.


Do you suffer from Lichen Sclerosus?  Many women have had significant relief treating this condition with the MonaLisa Touch®.

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