MonaLisa Touch®: Are There Any Risks Involved?


The MonaLisa Touch®:  Low Risk and Life-Changing!


The MonaLisa Touch® procedure has been described by some of our patients as “life-changing” and is associated with minimal risks.  All patients are evaluated and are screened before treatment to establish their diagnosis, customize their treatment regimen, and to evaluate their suitability for the procedure.  Because the procedure stimulates the body’s own natural healing response, it lacks the risks and side effects associated with traditional medical therapy.  There may by mild tenderness at the entry of the vagina when the laser is inserted in patients with vaginal atrophy.  The laser itself is painless and may feel like a slight vibration.  Some patients describe minor temporary inflammatory symptoms after their procedure (redness, swelling, itching) and occasionally discharge.  We offer TaC Vaginal Restorative GF Complex serum to help soothe vaginal irritation and to hydrate the vaginal mucosal lining after treatment.